This seems to be a good season for Bitcoin miners. In an interesting development, another solo Bitcoin miner has solved a valid block. The solo miner has generated a reward of $240000, which is equivalent to around 6.25 BTC.

Administrator for CKPool, Con Kolivas, said that the odds were less than 20% in this situation and this happens to be the fourth blockfind since the beginning of 2022. Kolivas congratulated the solo miner who resolved the 264th block, and an amazing 1.14PH was used for the operation. Heraldnet experts consider the miner as a whale due to the high Peta hash per second rate used for the mining operation.

Across the world, miners resolve a new Bitcoin block every 10 minutes, and the US miners Foundry is the largest contributor to the network hash rate. The regular miners have to compete against the entire Bitcoin network hash rate.

So far, CK’s solo miners have solved over 264 out of the total 721240 blocks. Even though this is a small number, the odds are often against the solo miners due to smaller infrastructure. In this regard, CKPool miners have surprised everyone with many achievements in a short duration of time.

In the second week of January, a miner from CKPool solved a valid block with just a small hash rate of 126 terahash per second. This was probably done on a single S19 machine. Similarly, another small miner also solved a valid block by using about 86 terahashes per second, which is a good development for individual miners.

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