There have been headlines about a business company based in Lagos, Nigeria, and has branches in the United States, Ghana, and the United Kingdom. It basically started as an eCommerce startup that is now globally famous due to its services. It claims that an approximate number of 300,000 plus people use their services to meet their everyday needs and requirements.

The company utilizes the aspects and the power of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to create further solutions for their existing financial properties. This will enable the customers to basically buy and sell BTC at the best rates in Africa and, most importantly, with no hidden charges!

The digital assets can be stored in Patricia’s “safe, secure, and flexible wallet.” Users have the facility to convert their Bitcoin and fiat currencies as per their needs and requirements.

The founder, Fejiro Hanu Agbodje, was basically inspired by a childhood situation. He was given an iTunes gift card but had no iPhone to use that. So he basically went on searching for companies that could exchange those gift cards for real money but could end up finding none. And eventually, he ended up getting scammed, but that was the turning point in his life, and Patricia has evolved and is clearly thriving right now!

People usually see bitcoin just as a simple asset, but there is surely more to that. Patricia emphasizes on the fact that you can use your cryptocurrencies for essential bill payments, purchases, and many more.

The customizable debit card is one of the company’s flagship products that basically help people withdraw cash anytime from an ATM machine like regular money. Furthermore, purchases can be easily made without any hassle by countless merchants worldwide. Fascinating, right?

And the cherry on the top includes that your bank account can be opened at an instant just within minutes. It is that easy! Patricia even claims that they charge pretty low as their transfer fees in comparison to the others in the market. This is because many of the times, it is often seen that the transfer rates are so massive that this might count as a significant loss for the people. Their main focus is to protect the cash of the people and maintain better cash flow.

There are e a few other benefits of having an account in Patricia as well, like the ability to sell and buy gift cards. The top brand includes Amazon, Google Pay, and iTunes. Isn’t it great? Now you don’t need to think about that one gift card that you got long ago but have nowhere to spend them. This is the perfect place to sell those and exchange cash for them.

Thus, this company is taking all the necessary actions to make everything digital and make cryptocurrencies a fundamental option of spending. It is undoubtedly changing the future, which can impact the use of cryptocurrencies by expanding its uses. This is because the traditional people usually just considered this as an asset, but now it is more than that. This is pretty important considering the digitalization happening all around the world.

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