Investors Dollar-Cost Averaging Bitcoin Since 2017 Made a 61.8% Return

As per the data that is coming up, it is seen that the investors who engaged in dollar-cost averaging into Bitcoin since the time it peaked to $20,000 in 2017 are still in profits. The researchers have concluded that the investors who have been consistently investing in Bitcoin since the last three years would currently be enjoying the returns of 61.8 percent. Even though the price of Bitcoin has dipped significantly since its peak of $20,000 in 2017, it went through many extreme lows during the last three years. The investors who were smart enough to invest during these lows would be sitting on handsome returns presently.

Similar is the case with another popular altcoin – Ethereum. Even though it is priced 71 percent lower than its peak price, the investors who continued with dollar averaging over the last couple of years would be sitting on over 87.6 percent returns. When the Bitcoin first came into existence, most of the institutional investors and financial institutions had severe doubts regarding its survivability. It is for this reason most of the major financial organizations stayed away from investing heavily into cryptocurrencies. Many companies that did ventured into cryptocurrencies did so with lots of precautious.

The sentiment of investors towards Bitcoin has changed drastically in the last couple of years. It is because the crypto world has matured and the Bitcoin’s price has achieved stability too after witnessing high volatility over the years. Two of the financial strategists at JPMorgan, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglo and Joshua Younger, concluded the March crash clearly proved the survivability of Bitcoin. It is a relatively young asset-class, which attracts a lot of investors towards it. One of the legendary investors and billionaire, Paul Tudor Jones, once said “Bitcoin strengthens each day it survives.” It is completely true for Bitcoin as well as other altcoins in existence.

The staying power of Bitcoin as observed by most of the leading financial firms and analysts is what has allowed it to recover quickly after sharp downfall. It is this massive up and downs witnessed in Bitcoin trading are what make it extremely profitable for keen investors who are good at dollar-averaging. The available data also showcases that the pricing trends of Bitcoin are predictably cyclical. It is what makes the method of dollar-averaging even more profitable and effective for investors. It also shows that more and more new investors are entering the Bitcoin trading and investment space.


After the US Senate Pros and Cons on Digital Money — What Do We Do With It?

The world has been seeing tough times with the coronavirus outbreak rocking every aspect of society. Many industries have suffered much, and so has the common man. But one avenue had emerged better than before due to innate qualities that favored its progress. This avenue was the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Many brands, including the industry leader Bitcoin, have seen yearly highs in their trading performances, and high returns have been keeping the investors happy. With such a bright future ahead of its horizon, cryptocurrency has entered the right kind of environment, which could determine its ascension to head the financial world altogether.

Effects of the Pandemic

The main consequence of the global outbreak of this deadly virus in the economic picture is that it has made many nations adopt digital practices when it comes to transactions and investing. This was necessary to develop because of concerns about community spreading of the virus and to conduct social distancing effectively. This has dramatically boosted the virtual economy and the role cryptocurrencies play in it. It has even opened the vital debate of whether Bitcoin is finally allowed to be treated as a legitimate currency instead of denounced by government authorities.

The Government Discussion over the matter

The discussions covered a variety of matters and asked for more cautious regulatory practices. The authorities’ main concern included putting all faith onto big private conglomerates and making the decisions that would affect the transaction of the masses. The authorities also showed definite plans for digital currency with putting forward a prospective policy that would empower altcoins to be brought into mainstream transactions as well as take into account the challenges they might produce to prevent consumer disservice and discomfort.

Aside from the United States, the biggest country paving the path for cryptocurrency through its inclusion in significant government policies in China. The eastern giant had buoyed the hopes and dreams of all altcoins considerably when it included. This is reflected in the fact that the Chinese authorities have included Bitcoin and other virtual financial accessories in inheritance laws, and now Chinese citizens can leave their crypto assets to the next of kin upon an untimely death.

But virtual finance is still riddled by problems such as fluctuation of value and lack of regularity. Cryptocurrency still has a long way to go.


Two OneCoin Cryptocurrency Scam Promoters Kidnapped and Killed in Mexico

Ignacio Ibarra and Oscar Brito Ibara, two promoters of OneCoin, a cryptocurrency exit scam, were found dead in Mexico. Industry news source, Cointelegraph en Espanol, while reporting their deaths, disclosed that the two men were kidnapped.

Local news source, La Tercera, reported that law enforcement authorities found the bodies inside suitcases abandoned in an empty lot. Preliminary examination of the bodies revealed that both the deaths were due to suffocation.

According to La Tercera, Oscar Brito Ibarra, a Chilean, joined the OneCoin scheme as an affiliate in 2017. At that time, OneCoin, which was founded in 2014, was already labeled as a Ponzi scheme by many global authorities. These men jointly owned a local car company named Latin American Marketing Company. They promoted OneCoin as a means of making payments at their company. Sources reveal that the kidnapping and killing may be a result of the $4 billion OneCoin scam.

It is not yet known whether the kidnappers were aggrieved OneCoin victims or if it was a casual crime. It is a fact that the crime rate in Mexico is the highest in the world. As per Washington Post, around 5,000 people were kidnapped in the year 2019 and none of them have returned to date. But it cannot be ignored that the number of victims of OneCoin scam is quite large.

After the OneCoin scam revealed itself, many of the promoters were brought to justice by the victims. At the beginning of this month, a 52 year old Singaporean, Fok Fook, was found guilty of operating a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scam with OneCoin. Channel News Asia, a local television channel, reported that Fok Fook used his MLM scheme to promote OneCoin from January 2016 to June 2017. He attracted buyers through several avenues, including online seminars, social media, and many large scale events. Later, he was charged under Singapore’s MLM and Pyramid Selling Prohibition Act. Fok Fook was later acquitted with a financial penalty of a hundred thousand Singaporean dollars (approximately $72,000), but one of his accomplices is still under trial.

The law enforcement agencies have failed to take strict action against OneCoin’s top brass. In April this year, Judge Ramos of the NY Southern District Court rescheduled the hearing in the case of Mark Scott. Mark Scott was charged with money laundering for OneCoin in November. He had laundered $400 million for the company. His rebuttal in the case is on the grounds due to a lack of proper evidence. He is claiming that till 2018 that he was unaware that OneCoin is a scam.

The U. S. government has filed an opposition against Scott’s rebuttal. The government is trying to prove that Scott, a lawyer affiliated with OneCoin, received a kickback of $50 million from the scam. He used this money to buy a yacht, luxury cars, and many waterfront houses. The legal proceedings are still going on, and his sentence is awaited. It is also reported that Ruja Ignatova, OneCoin founder, has fled to Bulgaria. Also, the sentencing of her brother, Konstantin Ignatov, was adjourned by the Court.


Is Chainlink (LINK) a bubble?

The situation of the market has made people worried especially those who are expert in the field of finance and look the virtual currency as a good option presently. The rise in one of the cryptocurrencies has made them debate over a few points. As the price of Chainlink continues to rally, market observers are concerned about the valuation. Some people have started asking if it is in a bubble phase as the growth has been more than 160% in the year 2020. On the 13th of July 2020, it reached an all-time high of $8.48, and it had rallied more than 34%. Even though it has retraced back some of its gains, it still has a good run compared to other entities in the markets, which is a point of concern for many users and experts.

Hot investment in the market

LINK has always been trending in the market due to its enormous growth. In the year 2019, it delivered more than 1481% growth, and this gave phenomenal profits to the investors. The return on investment was estimated to be more than 5000%, and this is something phenomenal in the cryptocurrency industry.

Is this a bubble?

Investors are also worried as this trend has got to do with the crash of Bitcoin that started in March. Market analysts are now checking if LINK is fundamentally strong and questioning its valuation. One thing that is visible in this growth is that more and more people are participating in the rally, and this is one of the biggest driving factors for this rally. Even companies and node operators are also joining the rally, and this has further boosted confidence in some investors.

Growing demand for DeFi enabled coins

On the whole, there is a growing demand across the world for DeFi enabled coins, and LINK is no exception. This trend is seen across different sectors, and the trend is likely to continue for many more months. No matter what, investors are very happy with the growth, and they are likely to invest more in such coins soon.

Many other cryptocurrencies are facing a lot of heat in the market as they are not able to match the performance of LINK. Considering this growth, many new investors are also entering this market to participate in the rally. All these factors can further boost the price of LINK in the near term.


BitFlyer Partners With Brave In Order To Develop A New Crypto Wallet

Before we get into the main course, let’s get some background checks. If you are into the crypto realm, you might have heard about BitFlyer, which is a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange. It was declared as the largest crypto exchange on a global scale in the year 2018. It came into operation from the 9th of January, 2014. Yuzu Kano is the founder.

On the other hand, Brave is free, as well as an open-source website. It was developed by Brave Software and was made to support Windows, macOS, Linus, Android, and iOS too. It was founded on the 28th of May 2015 by its CEO Brendan Eich. Now that you have the idea of whom you are reading about let’s get into the primary subject matter.

All About the New Partnership of BitFlyer with Brave Browser

An announcement of getting partnered with the very popular privacy-protecting browser Brave is made by the world’s largest crypto exchange in Japan, BitFlyer. The announcement that BitFlyer made said that they both would collaborate in order to build up a crypto asset wallet for the users of the Brave browser.

The users of Brave browser from Japan are gifted with BAP, also known as Basic Attention Token Points. This is for the monitoring that does restrict them from gaining cryptocurrency BAT or from marketing their points for money on exchanges.

The Speculation Made from this Announcement

The announcement made by BitFlyer will most probably strike up a theory. The theory says that this new crypto wallet would open a new gate for the Brave users in Japan to make them earn BAT rather than BAP or convert between the two in some means.

A spokesperson from the Brave team mentioned in one of their reports that at the present time, they are making the usage of ‘points’ to reward the users. However, he also added that there are some restrictions, and they are thinking of making it plausible to do something more than that.

On the 30th of July, there will be a program, mainly targeting advertisers, in Tokyo, which Brendon Eich will also be joining. Further details regarding this topic will be revealed at that event.

Throwing Some Light on the Rapidly Growing Fame of Brave in Japan

In June 2020, Brave also partnered with Korean pop idol group ‘BTS,’ also known as the Bangtan Boys along with Rush Gaming, which is a Japanese esports team that builds up browsers, especially for users of Japan.

Thus, the Brave browser is getting very much well known in Japan. Lately, a lot of Japanese crypto exchanges, including BitFlyer, announced the marketing of the native token of Brave, BAT.

Brave and BitFlyer Plan to Collaborate More

Brave and BitFlyer are also thinking of making another collaboration in order to establish a joint marketing campaign in Japan itself for spreading the tentacles of cryptocurrencies along with the blockchain technology among more people. This is something that would surely be responsible for making betterment in the comfort of the clients.


Paypal Now Integrated With Pundi X To Encourage For Crypto Sales

Pundi X is a blockchain company based in Singapore. It has made an official announcement that it has joined PayPal support to the point of selling the Xpos devices. Paypal is the very first gateway for mobile payment to be joined into Xpos. On top of that, users in more than 30 countries will be able to accept money through the payment processor.

Sudden Affection of PayPal Towards Crypto

After avoiding cryptocurrencies for more than ten years, new job listings for blockchain engineers in charge of new initiatives at PayPal global turn out to be supportive of the rumors it will soon offer cryptocurrency sales to users.

A particular number of crypto exchanges, like peer to peer marketplaces Localbitcoins and Paxful, support PayPal payments. In the previous week, KuCoin’s P2P fiat market turned out to support PayPal, inaugurating the payment gateway along with the support for USD.

Integration Over Two Steps

This integration occurs over two steps. It occurs with traders based in the United States, making the use of Xpos will be capable of requesting primary transactions based on PayPal starting from the 1st of July.

A PayPal application is envisioned to collaborate on each and every Xpos device within two weeks – accomplishing the spreading out.

Why PayPal Became the One to Integrate with Pundi X?

It is notable that this integration is actually a well-known product of popular demand. Pundi X determined to come up with the integration after running a poll on Twitter asking the followers which mobile payment application software they would prefer Xpos to hold up first.

In the results, it was found that most of the users voted for PayPal. PayPal received approximately 70% votes beating out WeChat Pay, Alipay, GoPay, and other applications.

What this integration brings is credit card payments to Pundi X’s point of sale system. And, it encourages cryptocurrencies to be purchased via PayPal from supporting Xpos traders.

A New Time in Crypto Blending

The CEO and co-founder of PundiX, Zac Cheah, saw it as perfect to give a public announcement about this matter on the loose.

He explained the fact that these incorporations with dominant international payment providers, for instance, PayPal, will assist in driving the adoption of products based on blockchain and services ever forwarded outside the community of cryptocurrency at large.

Cheah Threw More Light on the Integration

Zac Cheah explained that the support of such a primary online payment provider within their Xpos devices would see to it that the users will be more confident in using it. He also added that the conventional unification of blockchain technology comes ever closer.

Here’s what he said. “To be capable of supporting a chief online payment provider in our Xpos devices can offer users more confidence in using them, and can move use of blockchain technology closer to the normal.”

PayPal Carries all the Positives

Pundi X added that the online finance platform’s basic characteristic features would be operational on Xpos devices, inclusive of accepting payments. This feature will consist of payments carried through email or cell phone number.

In the United States, traders will only require to present a particular QR code to pay their customers. But, on the other realm, PayPal has come up with features for traders to accept payments with credit cards.


Crypto-Focused Social Media Platform Attempts to Tackle Impersonators

Have you ever heard of a crypto-based social media platform that is just available to crypto firms and individuals? Floyx is one such social media platform which is run in Malta. Just like every other social media platform, Floyx has been targeted by impersonators. The company is finding ways to prevent impersonation scams.

The CEO of Floyx, Kamil Kępiński said that he along with his teammates is creating a system that can prevent scammers to act as an official business and scam people. The novel account system can save the Floyx users from getting scammed.

What Is Impersonation?

When scammers try to deceit people by creating a fake account of a renowned company or a celebrity and thereby looting their crypto assets, it is called impersonation. Even Elon Musk, billionaire businessman was surprised to see an Ethereum Scambot page.

How Floyx Is Preventing These Scams?

The crypto-centric social media platform has accounts related to cryptocurrency forums, businesses, and individuals. The platform has a verification formality to get started. Every type of account has its features.

If someone registers as an individual account, that account will be immediately visible. On the other hand, if a crypto startup or organization signs up on the platform it requires verification before the profile goes live. The company or organization account can properly use the platform only after the verification process.

How To Get A Verified On Floyx As A Business?

The CEO of the crypto social media platform confirmed that there are many ways to get verified on Floyx. First one is to message the official Floyx account on twitter by the company account.

The other method is to provide the legal status of the company. The business can submit documents related to participation in a project. The process can be different for personal accounts, for example, celebrities and public figure.

The platform temporarily bans or permanently blocks a profile if it seems suspicious. In addition to it, there is also an option to link a personal account to a project or company to check the legitimacy of an account.

Kępiński made it clear that the team itself verifies every business account on the platform. There are no discrepancies in the verification process at any step. It may take 24 hours for a profile to get verified but often it is instant. There’s another requirement to register as a business on the platform to have a crypto asset listed on at least a single crypto exchange.

Facebook Of The Crypto World

The features on Floyx works exactly like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and other blogging platforms. It also has a dedicated mobile app like other social media platforms. The makers of the platform are also planning to set up a trading platform within the Floyx.

This internal trading system will help the users to trade within their own social media platform. There will also be a reward system for active users. That according to Kępiński will make it a different kind of platform.

The firm has been discussing with its potential partners on whether the Floyx’ integrated crypto exchange will be centralized or not. Kępiński and his Floyx team also have plans to create a traders account that has no option to delete the old posts. This is intriguing enough.

The strategies of trader will be closely analyzed and his profile will have the information about the assets he trades. It will also be visible whether he trades in the long term or short-term exchanges.

Kępiński mentioned that if this system will be appreciated by the users, the firm will develop an auto-follow system. This system will allow the users to automatically follow the trading strategy of another trader.

All of these strategies and upcoming exciting features seems to have the potential to make Floyx one of a kind social media platform for the crypto world. The account verification system is being followed by many renowned crypto companies lately. One such example is DASH, a payments-focused cryptocurrency.

If the new features and other advancements to be believed on-site trading system for instance. Floyx will soon stop any fraudulent activities on its platform. Not to mention, the most sought-after crypto companies will have their official profiles on the crypto social media platform.


Ubisoft launches blockchain based collectibles to support UNICEF

Companies also have social responsibilities as per the modern-day business experts, and the same is followed by some of the known companies in the market. The latest example for the same can be Ubisoft’s gesture, which has come forward to support the UNICEF. Everyone is familiar with Ubisoft in the gaming industry. The company is now issuing tokens from its popular gaming franchise Rabbids to raise funds for UNICEF. This is an outstanding initiative from the company that is expected to get a good response from the audience. Not only that, it is also providing good publicity for the company due to this noble act. Even the cryptocurrency traders are enthusiastic about the digital collectibles as they can later be transferred to other people in the market.

55 Rabbids collectibles launched by Ubisoft

Those who love games offered by the company know the popularity of its collectibles. Users prefer to collect most of them with the latest offers provided by the company. The company is coming up with some more collectibles in the near future. Ubisoft is launching 55 Rabbids collectibles in the form of tokens, and they can be bought on Ethereum’s blockchain. The popular gaming and television franchise Rabbids has a good following in the market, and it is expected to raise a good amount of money through this sale. The best part about this sale is that the proceeds will be given to UNICEF to support various charitable activities for children.

ETH based transactions

The features of the tokens are much impressive, and hence users prefer to get them. The advantage of Rabbids tokens is that you have the option to sell them at any point in time. The buyers will have to pay the current inherent price of the collectible to purchase them. In this way, the collectibles will have good market value as they can be sold and bought openly without any hassles. The former owners of the Rabbids tokens will receive a special token certificate known as Proof of Plausible ownership. This will be valid proof that they had initially owned such collectibles in the past.

Use it with other blockchain games

Yet another important aspect of Rabbids tokens is that they can be used along with other blockchain games. The tokens transform when a new buyer purchases it from the market. In this way, you will be able to own different collectibles from various games and integrate them with blockchain tokens.

Proceeds will go UNICEF fund

The proceeds from the sales will go to the United Nations Children’s Fund, and many people are showing good interest in buying such tokens. You can also take part in this noble cause and own some exciting Rabbids collectibles. As they can be sold later to other people, you will have complete flexibility about owning these tokens.

Future of blockchain based collectibles

The future for digital collectibles is very good as many reputed players like Ubisoft are providing excellent options. The company’s latest attempt to sell Rabbids tokens is seen as a great move in this direction. The digital collectibles can now be owned for as long as you want, and you can even transfer it later to other people. In this way, the value of the digital collectible will not diminish, and your investment will not get stuck with such tokens. They are also useful when you want to move them to other games that are running on blockchain technology. In this manner, Ubisoft is bringing some positive developments in the blockchain gaming industry. You can also be part of this change and support the UNICEF organization.


How Much Is a Bitcoin Worth? Let Google Tell You

The most volatile currency in the world is now down to $9388, and it is rumored that its bubble has burst and the fashion will fade away soon.

Developed as a system of secure payments, bitcoin was brought to life by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008. The first Bitcoin transaction was conducted in 2009 between Satoshi Nakamoto and an early user, and the first real-world transaction was when a miner bought pizza for 10,000 bitcoins in 2010. The currency is based on a blockchain with a public ledger for all the transactions in the network. The mining of bitcoins was difficult, and those who did that were hard to trace on the network.

The interest in the initial years for the currency was critically low, and so was its value. Started at less than $1, today, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has a value of around $9400. This blockchain’s potential earned recognition from almost every corner of the globe, and its success stories can be found everywhere. This led the most important company in all of the technology to enter into the blockchain world, which is Google.

Google stuck up a partnership with Theta Labs, a venture blockchain company, offering services which allow users to run nodes of Theta’s blockchain network. Google Cloud will act as a validator serving the whole of Europe. However, Google Chrome faces strong competition from crypto-powered Brave.

Google has always been a distributed network of users where these users vote on a search result, which is then ranked so that advertisements could be sold against them. But coming together with a decentralized organization like Theta labs will take Google’s decentralization to another level, and this may also make Theta more decentralized.

All these deals are in heat nowadays, but the trends of bitcoin searches and related activities are important to look upon. As the cryptocurrency went through its third-ever reward halving, following which the per block reward will now be only 6.25 BTC from the current 12.5 BTC. The results of this will have unknown effects on the price of Bitcoin.

The interest over the web has risen because of this hauling, but no one knows if this interest has translated into actual purchases or not. It’s quite possible that this is only research and analysis. But people are restraining themselves from buying and dealing in BTC. The search result “buy bitcoin” has not seen much rise in recent times, and this increasing retail interest in hauling may not increase buying pressure on bitcoin by the next phase of this hauling.

The number of addresses holding 1 or 0.1 BTC has risen over the period, and withdrawals are not a frequent trend right now. The inflation and poor banking systems in the world have led people to shift from traditional currency to Bitcoins and this is the reason that its value has also risen in April and June,2020. People are now switching to BTC, and the trends are expected to get back normal in no time.

Google has been working on the blockchain world and has come up with many apps in the Play Store and widget extensions on chrome. The browser is continuously hustling to get better in all blockchain aspects and is expected to collaborate with many big brands in the future. Although, the fact that Google may vanish or take over bitcoin is an argument by many, it is supported by only a few.

Therefore, even if Bitcoin has a volatile market and so many prices and value barometers, it never fails to counter all the negatives combined. The 12 years of Bitcoin have shown that there will be more unprecedented actions in the market, but they all will be countered, and bitcoin will rise and the technology will be exploited continuously. Economies and banks are testing bitcoin and companies like Google are strategizing on the blockchain. The patterns are always unique and the stakes remain very high.


Blockchain Jobs Are The Highest Paying Tech Roles In The UK

A new launch, new company, and new technology discovery bring the hope of new employment with it. But the level of salary distribution depends on the level of employment. If we talk about business, investment, or other work happening on the international level, then one thing is clear that different countries provide different levels of salary in the same employment tools.

Nowadays cryptocurrency is a special topic of discussion. If we talk about the impact of employment opportunities in this particular investment and transaction sector of cryptocurrency, we will find that it has also provided employment opportunities along with income.

The new vacancies in the blockchain are in the interest of the public. It is a fast-medium of huge income because it can distribute a good salary among the employees of the blockchain. Salaries may vary as per the terms of country, sector, position, and income. Different countries are paying a standard level of salaries to blockchain employees. But few countries are leading the entire sector worldwide.

The blockchain sector has become one of the hottest fields to work. Its popularity has increased rapidly from the year 2017. According to Upwork, the largest freelancing marketplace, blockchain engineers are in huge demand. Other sources have also confirmed that blockchain skills are considered as the most desired skills.

Even when cryptocurrency jobs are facing a downfall from the last 3 years, blockchain interest remains as high as it was in 2017. As a result, many tech employees are switching their profiles as a blockchain engineer.

Why blockchain jobs are the highest paying tech jobs?

  • Limited talent: Undoubtedly there are many talented tech professionals around the world. But the blockchain sector has a limited number of experts. When there are fewer professionals, it is obvious blockchain companies will pay a high salary to their employees.
  • Technical & non-technical positions: Just like every other business, blockchain too have all types of jobs. It doesn’t matter if you are a content creator or a blockchain developer, this industry has all kinds of jobs.
  • Security: Although blockchain is a secure technology, its security can be threatened anytime. As the blockchain industry is booming, the chances of getting hacking interruption are also increasing. Thus, the requirement of blockchain engineers and developers is soaring. New developers and engineers are being offered with an appealing amount of money to work for blockchain companies.

If we compare it worldwide then we will find that the blockchain jobs are the highest paying tech roles in the UK, let’s see how:

  • Average annual salary: The average annual salary of a blockchain in the UK is approx. 50,278 Euros. This information is based on a UK based firm. This approximate value is found to be the highest value across the world. Different countries are participating in the crypto world for their development. Cryptocurrencies are illegal tender but still, some terms are legal and taxable. Countries have different plans for a better future of cryptocurrencies and exchanges.
  • Vacancies in the blockchain: In this regard also the UK wins the battle around worldwide. Apart from the highest paying blockchain jobs, that firm announced 544 vacancies in the blockchain all over the world. This is huge for people who can handle the artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and more.
  • Disruptive technology: In the UK this disruptive technology is leading in front. Some of its financial supports are visible but many are hidden. For example, these blockchains or cryptocurrencies are also involved in financial support in the 3D printing world along with virtual reality.  Many other companies such as 3D printing companies have started giving better salaries after getting introduced to the requirements of the crypto world in the UK.
  • Position worldwide:  America is leading with the top position as the best paying tech role. The UK holds 8th position in the sectors of education worldwide. But in the blockchain industry related tech roles, the UK holds comparatively a great position. UK and India are following next to America by holding the second and third positions.
  • Fluctuating salaries: The salaries are flexible across the world as per the records in Canada, China, and more countries. According to the report, there was up to a 37% decrease in the blockchain salaries in 2019. Different pieces of information were revealed from time to time by the Canada Digital Chamber of Commerce. The UK is known for a stable and growing salary distribution in blockchains.

However, cryptocurrencies are declared unsafe asset, investors are earning good profits. Once a strict solution in artificial intelligence and regulations is introduced, we can hope increased vacancies and salaries of blockchain employees. Amazing results can be seen in the UK due to future change expectations in regulations, systems, and more. It will affect the financial condition of the UK positively to grow the rest of the sectors equally.