Pundi X is a blockchain company based in Singapore. It has made an official announcement that it has joined PayPal support to the point of selling the Xpos devices. Paypal is the very first gateway for mobile payment to be joined into Xpos. On top of that, users in more than 30 countries will be able to accept money through the payment processor.

Sudden Affection of PayPal Towards Crypto

After avoiding cryptocurrencies for more than ten years, new job listings for blockchain engineers in charge of new initiatives at PayPal global turn out to be supportive of the rumors it will soon offer cryptocurrency sales to users.

A particular number of crypto exchanges, like peer to peer marketplaces Localbitcoins and Paxful, support PayPal payments. In the previous week, KuCoin’s P2P fiat market turned out to support PayPal, inaugurating the payment gateway along with the support for USD.

Integration Over Two Steps

This integration occurs over two steps. It occurs with traders based in the United States, making the use of Xpos will be capable of requesting primary transactions based on PayPal starting from the 1st of July.

A PayPal application is envisioned to collaborate on each and every Xpos device within two weeks – accomplishing the spreading out.

Why PayPal Became the One to Integrate with Pundi X?

It is notable that this integration is actually a well-known product of popular demand. Pundi X determined to come up with the integration after running a poll on Twitter asking the followers which mobile payment application software they would prefer Xpos to hold up first.

In the results, it was found that most of the users voted for PayPal. PayPal received approximately 70% votes beating out WeChat Pay, Alipay, GoPay, and other applications.

What this integration brings is credit card payments to Pundi X’s point of sale system. And, it encourages cryptocurrencies to be purchased via PayPal from supporting Xpos traders.

A New Time in Crypto Blending

The CEO and co-founder of PundiX, Zac Cheah, saw it as perfect to give a public announcement about this matter on the loose.

He explained the fact that these incorporations with dominant international payment providers, for instance, PayPal, will assist in driving the adoption of products based on blockchain and services ever forwarded outside the community of cryptocurrency at large.

Cheah Threw More Light on the Integration

Zac Cheah explained that the support of such a primary online payment provider within their Xpos devices would see to it that the users will be more confident in using it. He also added that the conventional unification of blockchain technology comes ever closer.

Here’s what he said. “To be capable of supporting a chief online payment provider in our Xpos devices can offer users more confidence in using them, and can move use of blockchain technology closer to the normal.”

PayPal Carries all the Positives

Pundi X added that the online finance platform’s basic characteristic features would be operational on Xpos devices, inclusive of accepting payments. This feature will consist of payments carried through email or cell phone number.

In the United States, traders will only require to present a particular QR code to pay their customers. But, on the other realm, PayPal has come up with features for traders to accept payments with credit cards.

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