Exciting news for the bitcoin Rakuten owners is waiting to be revealed! Are you curious to know about it? Thinking what’s a new surprise for the Rakuten bitcoin owners? No doubt, it’s a big surprise that’ll make you dance. Rakuten, one of the biggest giants in the retail sector in Japan has combined the wallet available for cryptocurrency with the payment application. With this integration, consumers can enjoy greater ease in using bitcoins. It benefits customers with the ease of loading bitcoins and easily converting them for everyday usage. So, it can be beneficial for consumers to shop every day using bitcoins.

Rakuten (a retailer in Japan) friendly to crypto usage is providing Rakuten wallet users a benefit of using a subsidiary cryptocurrency network for exchange for spending crypto holdings easily in daily life dealings and transactions.

As per the latest announcement released regarding the news, all the users get to enjoy the ease in using the Rakuten account for payment purposes with the wallets of BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ether), and BCH (Bitcoin Cash) holdings. If you’re not aware of Rakuten or a new user, you can learn from here. Rakuten payment is an application available for payment using mobile version connected nationwide and available at multiple medium or large-scale retailers. So, most of the retailers are aware of the app and are using it for payment purposes.

In the past 2019, the news was out related to Rakuten showing a confirmation on consumers able to use the points collected as a loyalty feature at the Rakuten group to transfer it in cryptos. There are not many restrictions about the transfer and it is easy to do it with the app itself. And in the current time, another news came out as a grand surprise for its users. Another integration is shown by the group that is not like the past but connected to it and it much deeper. In this step, a lot of efforts are focused on the Rakuten cash (e-money), Rakuten pay, and Rakuten wallet to start considering cryptocurrency as a payment option. With such an integration, it gives a chance to users to use cryptos in the spending transactions at stores like FamilyMart, McDonald, or Seiyu conveniently.

Also, one major eye-catching thing revealed in the middle of the integration is no charges on conversion or any additional fee will be levied by Rakuten. The no-charge action is applicable in the conversion of cryptocurrency, fiat, and e-money. Though a limit exists regarding the minimum amount that a user can spend, and that remains up to 1,000 yen or $9.40. Apart from the minimum limit, it holds a monthly limit to an upper amount of up to 100,000 yen or $940.

If you’re a Rakuten user and you want to avail the benefit of using it, it’s not a tough thing and one can do it easily. It’s a must for you to have a Rakuten wallet account available in a trading position. Also, a new bonus is introduced by the company for new integration service incentivization. In the bonus feature, users get hands over Rakuten points.

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