Companies also have social responsibilities as per the modern-day business experts, and the same is followed by some of the known companies in the market. The latest example for the same can be Ubisoft’s gesture, which has come forward to support the UNICEF. Everyone is familiar with Ubisoft in the gaming industry. The company is now issuing tokens from its popular gaming franchise Rabbids to raise funds for UNICEF. This is an outstanding initiative from the company that is expected to get a good response from the audience. Not only that, it is also providing good publicity for the company due to this noble act. Even the cryptocurrency traders are enthusiastic about the digital collectibles as they can later be transferred to other people in the market.

55 Rabbids collectibles launched by Ubisoft

Those who love games offered by the company know the popularity of its collectibles. Users prefer to collect most of them with the latest offers provided by the company. The company is coming up with some more collectibles in the near future. Ubisoft is launching 55 Rabbids collectibles in the form of tokens, and they can be bought on Ethereum’s blockchain. The popular gaming and television franchise Rabbids has a good following in the market, and it is expected to raise a good amount of money through this sale. The best part about this sale is that the proceeds will be given to UNICEF to support various charitable activities for children.

ETH based transactions

The features of the tokens are much impressive, and hence users prefer to get them. The advantage of Rabbids tokens is that you have the option to sell them at any point in time. The buyers will have to pay the current inherent price of the collectible to purchase them. In this way, the collectibles will have good market value as they can be sold and bought openly without any hassles. The former owners of the Rabbids tokens will receive a special token certificate known as Proof of Plausible ownership. This will be valid proof that they had initially owned such collectibles in the past.

Use it with other blockchain games

Yet another important aspect of Rabbids tokens is that they can be used along with other blockchain games. The tokens transform when a new buyer purchases it from the market. In this way, you will be able to own different collectibles from various games and integrate them with blockchain tokens.

Proceeds will go UNICEF fund

The proceeds from the sales will go to the United Nations Children’s Fund, and many people are showing good interest in buying such tokens. You can also take part in this noble cause and own some exciting Rabbids collectibles. As they can be sold later to other people, you will have complete flexibility about owning these tokens.

Future of blockchain based collectibles

The future for digital collectibles is very good as many reputed players like Ubisoft are providing excellent options. The company’s latest attempt to sell Rabbids tokens is seen as a great move in this direction. The digital collectibles can now be owned for as long as you want, and you can even transfer it later to other people. In this way, the value of the digital collectible will not diminish, and your investment will not get stuck with such tokens. They are also useful when you want to move them to other games that are running on blockchain technology. In this manner, Ubisoft is bringing some positive developments in the blockchain gaming industry. You can also be part of this change and support the UNICEF organization.

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